what happens if we dont pay deposit ?

Unfortunately, your spot will be automatically cancelled for others to book

what is the turnaround time?

For both minis it varies depending on workflow. during busy season May, Aug-Nov it'll take about 2 weeks or so.

Difference between minis and full sessions?

Full session: are between 1-2 hrs. perfect for those that want more than 30 images different locations, angles, creativity. More candid shots, for families it's more time with children or for children to just enjoy the moment.
Minis: are between 15-30 mins. perfect for quick and simple shots. More posey than candid. For kids and parents that dont like taking photos longer than 30 mins or price suits your budget.

How many people can be in the minis?

The max is up to 6 people. Having a huge crowd does take time and unfortunately 20 mins is not enough time to get a good amount of photos. Especially if you have Little ones.

how many photos do you take for minis?

I take an approx amount of 100-300 photos depending if the client is on time or if there are no interruptions in between session. I select the best ones from that amount and send clients between 90-120+ images to select their favorites. ( I disregard the photos with closed eyes, open mouth, blurry, doubles, etc ) 70% are doubles.

Everyone selects between 15-30 of their favorites. You also have liberty to purchase more.