San Antonio Locations

Sunrise: 7:30am, 8am | Golden hour: 6:30-7:30pm



These are the only locations available for Micro and Mini sessions. Please view the description to which type of session it pertains to.

( each location will have a "micro mini" or "mini" indicated on the description)

Reminder locations from zip 78253:

Minis (25-30min from zip) & Micro Mini ( 10-17 min from zip)

The Valerie Marie Greenhouse

Rental fee: $75/hour | "mini only" Travel fee of $10

The rental fee goes back into maintaining the plants and surrounding area to keep it beautiful for all guests. Additional details will be given including location, where to park, how to enter, etc. after booking. This is a photographers greenhouse, her name is Melody. This space is open for those that want to rent it.The photo you see below is not mine. these are all sample shots to know how to greenhouse looks.

La Cantera Area

"mini only"

Best time: weekdays sunrise/golden hour

Philhardburger Park West Side

San Antonio ( Northwest side) best times to shoot 8am or 7pm

"mini only"

Roof Tops

(west side) Best time to shoot: 7am and 7:40 pm

"mini & micro "

Hot well hotel ruins

southside best time to shoot 8am and 7pm. Just have to ask for permission for sunset. They close at 7pm

"Mini only"

Confluence Park

( South Side ) best time to shoot, 7:30 am or 7:30pm

"mini only "

Rodriguez Park

( South Side ) best time to shoot golden hour ( evening)

"mini only "

photos pending > Link from Insta

Still water Ranch Trail

( west side ) best time to shoot golden hour ( evening)

"mini & micro "

Government Canyon state park

( west side ) best time to shoot morning and evening. Entrance fee $6. Must pay photographers fee as well. Open Monday and Friday only

"mini & micro "