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Do you travel for weddings?

YES! I most certainly do. But only within the U.S.

Do you do next day post-wedding shoots, after wedding?

Yes! I usually recommend this to all my clients to avoid any stress on the day of, so you can enjoy your day without having your family members wait on you. ( if that is your main concern )

Do prints come in with your packages?

No they don't, I have discontinued prints from all my packages. I send all my clients a link to download all images or a flashdrive if it comes with the package. I'm happy to recommend places to print your images.

Where would you recommend printing our photos?

I would say Costco they have great quality prints and they aren't expensive. ( you can also create an online account to order your prints online ) There is this place card digitalprolab, they specify in printing photos, great quality!

Are sales tax included in the package?

No. A 8.25% sales tax will be charged.


Depends, if you are someone who wants photos of groom, venue details, and other. I would say YES! why? because having a second shooter makes easier for myself and you. You will also have alot more variety of photos and different perspectives. Especially, if you're doing a small wedding and want all those beautfiul details. I'm only human, so I can only be in certain places at once. Having a SS will help capture those other place or details while I'm shooting other important things.

Do you do video for weddings?

YES, I do starting 2023.

How long does it take to get final photos?

Portraits take about 2-3 weeks. Weddings take about 8-10 weeks.
The wait time depends on my workflow and if its during busy season.

Do you give discounts if we refer people to you?

YES! I currently have a referral program. If you've booked with me before and you're looking for discounts. Well this is for you.