Referral Program

As an appreciation, I am giving all returning clients a $100 off any regular session when you book.

My goal is to give back to those that continue to support my business and spread the word. Therefore, I wanted to create this referral program just for you as a THANK YOU for sending your family and friends to book with me. Referrals are one of the biggest compliments anyone can give me, for referring me to all your friends and family. Therefore, I appreciate your love and support for my business and work. 

Any Sessions: Give $30 and Get $35


Weddings: All referrals depends on the package the client books

You get half credit after deposit, other half after they make final payments

Deluxe: Give $80 and get $150 credit ( valid for regular sessions)

Standard: Give $80 and get $100 credit ( valid for regular sessions)

Simply & A la Carte: Give $80 and $80 credit ( valid for regular sessions)

Elopements: Give $60 and $60 credit ( valid for regular sessions)

How to get your credit:

  1. Give your Friends/Family one of your referral cards, to those that want to book. ( Sent by mail, do not post these cards on social media ) or share it through text.
  2. Refer your NEW friends and family to Brenda J Salas photography via text, Facebook, Instagram, or in person. ( Can't be existing clients)
  3. Make sure you tell them to mention your name, when they book a session with me or else they won't be able to get a discount and you won't be able to get your credit.
  4. You can't book for them, to get the discount. They must contact me directly to book.
  5. They will get $ off their session after they book and send their deposit.
  6. If the referred client cancels their session their discount and your credit will be lost. Unless they plan to reschedule.
  7. Once, we have completed the session, you will automatically receive a $ credit towards future sessions with me.
  8. You will receive an email from me regarding your credit. You will be able to use your credit any time throughout the year ( it expires in a year).
  9. Also, keep in mind that you can recommend as many people as you like, you will be getting credit for each person you refer and MENTIONS your name.
  10. You will not get a $ discount IF you falsified your referral [ I will contact my client to verify the referral ].

Referral Credit RULES:

  1. Anyone could qualify for the credit as long as you are mentioned at their booking.
  2. To receive your $ credit, your friend/family must complete their session and pay the full balance.
  3. You can only use your credit for FUTURE sessions. 
  4. Referral credit can only be applied ONCE.
  5. Use your credit within the year you received it. It will expire within 1.5 years. 
  6. You can use your credit for any Regular sessions, and only 1 referral credit for any holiday/ discounted minis.
  7. You can give your credit to anyone, it could be family member ( mom, dad, sibling ) or friend they also must book a regular session.
  8. You are not allowed to earn credit for the same person referred to previously. They all must be different clients. 
  9. Referred clients must be NEW to Brenda J Salas photography clientele. 

Already an existing client?

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What is difference between Holiday Mini vs Regular Mini?

Holiday minis are up to 15-20min long and are discounted with specific dates on weekends year round.

Regular Minis are up to 30mins long and you pick your date only during the week.

What is considered a regular session?

regular session is one that ranges from 30mins (mini sesh) - 1 or 2hrs long (full sesh)

How do wedding referral work?

If you refer a friend/family member who is getting married to me, and they book with me and make a selection for their package, let say deluxe then they will get $80 off their package and after they have made their final payment you will be receiving $150 credit for future regular sessions.

Can we use our credit and the $100 off together?

Unfortunately you can not. So, you can use between your credit or the $100 off if you're booking a full session. But if it's a regular mini or discounted mini then you can only use your credit.

what do you mean by 1 referral credit?

if you have $70 in credit that means you previously referred 2 people $35 each. So, if you want to use credit for holiday minis you will only be able to use 1 credit $35 only and if its a wedding credit you will be able to just use 1 as well.